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Brenda Watson Heart Of Perfect HealthHi, I’m Brenda Watson. My passion for the last 20 years has been to educate people about how they can take charge of their health.

In The Heart of Perfect Health, my recent Public Television special, I discuss the three main risk factors for heart disease – high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. These are also indicators of Silent Inflammation, the main underlying feature of most, if not all, chronic disease, including heart disease.

Silent Inflammation is also known as chronic, low-grade inflammation. This Silent Inflammation can be present in such a way that you might not even know it’s there. Inflammation is sometimes described as a fire—an apt analogy due to the many different fuels that can feed the fire of inflammation. Think of the inflammation of heart disease as a big fire, like a forest fire, damaging the arteries and leading to heart attack and stroke. Think of silent inflammation as a small fire, like a campfire, found throughout the body in many different forms, silently fueling the larger fire of many chronic diseases.

In the show I outlined those three warning signs, and then uncovered the root cause of silent inflammation—you guessed it, the gut! Poor digestive health is one of the main sources of silent inflammation. Bottom line – digestive health is the true foundation of total-body health. And a healthy gut helps to maintain proper inflammatory response, the cornerstone of heart health.

The Heart of Perfect Health Public Television special, and also its companion book package are designed to empower you to take control of your heart health and get to the bottom of what causes heart disease and related conditions so that you may prevent or reverse them. If you’ve not yet pledged a donation to receive my exclusive gift package,find your local Public Television station here to pledge online or call your local station.

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You will also have access to heart-healthy recipes, my weekly Heart of Perfect Health blog, exclusive tips on how to implement the Love Your Heart Eating Plan from my husband Stan and me (we live it!), and a special Member’s Forum where you can interact with me one-on-one! Come join me as you become your own health advocate and we get to the Heart of Perfect Health.

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